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There are two primary ways to perform martial arts techniques: incorrectly and correctly.

Ways to perform correctly

There are four ways to perform a technique correctly:
  • For perfection. This is the way you perform techniques in patterns. 
  • Techniques are performed as precisely and technically perfect as possible.
  • This way requires precise control of all body movements and intense mental concentration.
  • The goal is the perfection of movement.
  • Techniques are performed with high, tight chamber, power is focused at an imaginary opponent, and a full range of movement is used to create a good impression.
  • For points. This is the way you perform techniques to score points in sparring matches. 
  • Techniques are performed as quickly as possible with control. 
  • This way requires speed, precise control, and mental quickness. 
  • The goal is to score the most points. 
  • Techniques are performed with very little chamber, to the head if possible for more points, power is focused for scoring points, and range of movement is minimal to increase quickness.
  • For effectiveness. This is the way you perform techniques in a fight (ritual mutual combat). You are basically sparring except with the intention of hurting the other person. You get to choose to fight or not to fight, so you may walk away from the fight. This way is also used for breaking.
  • Techniques are performed as in sparring except you are trying to injure or knockout the opponent or cause him or her to admit defeat. 
  • This way requires maximum power. 
  • The goal is to prevent injury to oneself and stop the opponent while staying within accepted rules or guidelines. When used in breaking, the goal is to successfully complete the break.
  • Techniques are performed with full chamber, usually to the head for hand attacks and to the body for kicks and, power is focused for damage, and range of movement is minimal for quickness when fighting and maximum for power then breaking.
  • For devastation. This is the way you perform techniques in self-defense situations. Self-defense is not a mutual fight; it is when you are defending yourself against an unwanted attack where you cannot leave. You have been attacked and you must defend yourself. 
  • Techniques are used for maximum devastation; anything goes, up to and including deadly techniques.
  • This way requires maximum effort using highly effective techniques.
  • The goal is to stop the attack and prevent the attacker from continuing the attack.
  • Techniques are performed with as much chamber as possible under the circumstances, usually to the head for hand attacks and to the body for kicks and, power is focused for devastation, and range of movement is minimal to prevent fatigue.
Martial arts require training in all four ways of performance. Some may think that one or more of the ways are useless, such as performing for points or for perfection. Some don’t enjoy one or more of the ways, such as the boredom of perfection. However, if you are to excel in the martial arts, you must be proficient in all four ways.

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