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Various concepts that pertain to the performance of martial art techniques.


Hidden chamber: All techniques are fired from a chambered position.

Linear vs circular: Techniques move in a line or in a circle.

Snap decisions: To snap or not to snap. This is the question.

Kiai/kiyup: All about the martial arts yell.

: Paying attention to everything around you.

Focus: Focus has two meanings in the martial arts.

Control: Controlling your techniques.

: Timing can mean success or failure.

Quickness: Be quicker.

Reaction time: React faster.

Rebounding: Another silly concept.

Hammer principle: Dropping the hammer.

Chickens: Ways martial artists are like chickens.

Is more, better?: Do you really need to know a lot of techniques?

Hick's Law: Choices, choices, so many choices.

Tips from aikido: Use tips from aikido about technique performance.

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