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Twist kicks


Twist kicks are very effective kicks since they may be used to kick protected targets that are not reachable by other kicks. The twist kick is similar to a front kick except that the foot kicks in an outward motion. Since the kick requires the leg to kick in an awkward, outward twisting motion, it requires an unusual degree of flexibility.

Performing twist kick

To perform a lead leg twist kick:
  • Bring the lead knee up diagonally and across in front of the body. 
  • Extend the foot and pull the toes back.
  • Rotate the hip outward snap and thrust your foot outward so it travels upward and outward. 
  • The kicking foot angles outward and the ball of the foot strikes the target.
  • The kick may be performed with the leading or trailing leg and jumps may be added.
The twist kick puts the body into an unnatural, contorted position, but, when the kick is perfected, it will be very useful. When fighters are in an open fighting position (both chests facing the same direction), the lead leg twist kick is highly useful in kicking an exposed abdomen. When used from a closed fighting position (chests facing opposite directions), use a rear leg twist kick to the abdomen.

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