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The national anthem of Korea, Aeguk Ka (love of country), was written during the Japanese occupation of Korea (1905-1945) and was later set to music by Ahn Eak Tai.

Anthem in Korean

Dong Hae Mul Gwa Paek To San
I Ma Ru Go Dal T'o Rok,
Ha Nu Nim I Bo U-Ha Sa
U Ri Na Ra Man Se,
Mu-Gung Hwa Sam-Ch'ol
Li HwaryoGang- San,
Dae Han Sa Ram Dae Han-U Ro
Ki Ri Bo Chon Ha Se.

Anthem in English

Until the East Sea's waves are dry, (and)
Mount Paektusan worn away, God watch o'er our land forever!
Our Korea manse!
Rose of Sharon, thousand miles of range and river land!
Guarded by her people, ever may Korea stand!
Like Mount Namsan armored pine, standing on duty still,
wind or frost, unchanging ever,
be our resolute will.
In autumn's arching evening sky, crystal, and cloudless blue,
Be the radiant moon our spirit,
steadfast, single and true.
With such a will, (and) such a spirit, loyalty, heart and hand,
Let us love, come grief, come gladness,
this our beloved land!

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