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Professional victims


Some people justify all their actions, inactions, and failures by considering themselves–victims. Many people are "professional victims" who have little sense of identity outside of their victimhood. They tend to harbor hate for those whom they perceive as "not victims." Then, to psychologically deal with this hate, they use defense mechanisms that enable them to harm others in socially acceptable ways, without accepting responsibility or suffering guilt, and without having to give up their status as victims. 

They tend to hate people who are willing and able to prevent their own victimization. In reality, the people who are least likely feel like victims are those who have been victimized in the past–they refuse to let it happen again.


By claiming victim status, professional victims demand (and get) special treatment through quotas, affirmative action, reparations, and other preferential treatment programs. Professional victims have been indoctrinated to believe that there is no alternative to remaining a victim forever. Their leaders remind them constantly that they are mistreated in every imaginable way (most of them are imaginary). They attribute every one of life's misfortunes to "racism" or "sexism" or "hate crimes" and dream up ever more complex schemes for special treatment and favors.

Victimhood is a good business for organizations that foster victim status. As victims, the members depend upon the organization to protect them, and the organization in turn relies on its members for funding and political power. In the interest of self-preservation, these organizations work hard at preserving hatred and bigotry and at keeping their members defenseless, and therefore dependent.

Victimhood has many perceived benefits, but there are some serious drawbacks. Victims tend to see the world as a scary and threatening place. They believe that others treat them differently, unfairly, and even maliciously and that they are helpless to do anything about it. This belief, that they are being mistreated and are helpless to resist, generates tremendous rage, and often, serious depression.

Victims put their victim status at risk when they show courage. For someone whose entire identity is dependent on being a victim, the loss of victim status is just as threatening as a loss of life. So, unable psychologically to cope with their victimization, professional victims blame the police, the educated, the successful, and everyone else who is not a victim as the enemy who causes, abets, or enables their victimization.

No one needs to be a victim! It is not easy to victimize a person who has self-confidence and knows how to defend themselves. Martial arts teach students to be assertive and stand up for themselves. Look around your martial arts school. No matter their age, sex, race, religion, or status in life, martial arts students do not consider themselves victims, they are warriors in training. 

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