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A warrior fights to make things right, be it fighting for ones self or for others. The fight need not be a physical fight; it may be a argument with spoken or written words, it may be a struggle against something such as cancer, it may be a campaign against something such as racism, or it may be and endeavor to achieve or win something such as the passage of a bill.

To become a warrior, you must learn about your enemy. Your enemy is primarily other humans who are out to harm you or otherwise prevent you from winning your fight. These humans are not always other warriors, most times they are just ordinary people with malicious intent. You need to learn about their motivations, how they think, the methods they use achieve their mission, and ways you can defeat them. 


What is warrior. What makes one a warrior.

Sheep, wolf, or sheepdog. Which is the warrior?

Warrior mindset. Thinking like a warrior.

Warrior spirit. Feeling like a warrior.

Warrior temperament. How a warrior behaves.

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