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Being a good fighter is as much, if not more, about your mindset as it is your physical abilities. You cannot do what has to be done if you have not prepared yourself mentally to do it.


Awareness. Warriors are always aware of their surroundings and the people around them.

Developing awareness. Start noticing things.

Choosing a urinal. Beware everywhere.

Instincts. Control them, hone them, and use them.

Gut feeling.  Listen to it and act on it.

Human predators. They are waiting for you–be ready.

Fear of predators.  Use it productively.

Self-reliance. You are the only you can always rely on.

Win or Not lose. Which should you do?

Fear of killing. Most humans fear having to kill.

Killer instinct. It's a must have.

Binary training. Citizen/Soldier

First strike.  Attacking first.

Fudoshin. Develop a warrior's heart.

Forty-seven Ronin.  Death over dishonor.

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