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Finding a good school that teaches the martial art you want to study is not difficult, but it does take some time and effort


Starting your search: Starting your search for a martial arts school.

How to find a school: How to find a martial arts school you will enjoy.

How to visit a school: How to visit martial arts schools.

Avoiding faux pas: Avoiding social blunders in a martial arts class.

Questions to ask: Questions to ask martial arts school owners.

Factors to consider: Things to consider when visiting martial arts schools.

Factors to NOT consider
: Things not to consider when visiting martial arts schools.

McDojang/McDojo: There's a martial arts school on every corner.

Traditional vs. modern: Comparison of traditional and modern types of martial arts schools.

New styles of martial
: What about all the new styles of martial arts.

Level of contact: How much contact in sparring can you tolerate.

Instructor types: Different types of martial arts instructors you may encounter.

Instructor considerations: Things to consider when selecting a martial arts instructor.

Business aspects: Things to consider about a martial arts school as a business.

Subject matter experts: Great martial arts instructors and great martial arts students need different skills.

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