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How does one detect martial arts fraud? What are some ways to prove a martial arts' concepts are false, its "masters" are telling lies about their credentials, its demonstrations are deceiving, and its techniques are more dangerous to the user than to the person on which they are used.



The truth: Can you handle it?

Scientific method
: Using your high school physics to evaluate martial arts claims.

Deductive arguments: Use sound deductive arguments to evaluate martial arts claims.

Use logic: To avoid fraud, use logic and reasoning.

Detecting fallacies: Detecting fallacies in arguments and statements.

Be aware of errors: Don't be misled by errors.

Lie detection: Ways to detect when a person may be lying.

Lies you hear: Some of the lies you hear when discussing the martial arts.


Accreditation: Valid education degrees only come from accredited colleges and universities.

Military service claims: How to verify claims of military service.

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