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Movements involve the way you move while you are engaging an opponent. Your movements must quick, smooth, and stable, and allow you to either evade or effectively block an attack and then to execute powerful attacks or counterattacks.



Stability: For any movement to be effective, you must be stable.

Coordination: Do you consider yourself a klutz?

Hand-foot-hip timing: Different approaches to hand-foot-hip timing.

Reflexes: It's not just how powerful a technique is; it's also how quick it is.

Don't be jerky: To outwit your opponent, be smooth, not jerky.


Footwork: Use your feet move to your best advantage.

Shifting: Shifty fighters are difficult to hit.

Lunging: To get in or get out of the way, lunge.

Stepping: Taking steps to move.

Pivoting: Rotating around the centerline.

Spinning: For more power, add spin to a technique.

Jumping: How to jump higher and more effectively.

Jumping and spinning: Putting them both together.

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