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Every martial arts school will have rules, regulations, guidelines, or procedures that must be followed to ensure the safety of participants, to create an enjoyable atmosphere that is conducive to learning, and to facilitate good order and discipline.


Class protocol: How to act during a martial arts class.

Class etiquette: The correct behavior to use in the school and in class.

Respect: Show respect for others.

Bowing: Why all the bowing in the martial arts.

Yes, Sir! - No, Ma'am!: Showing respect by using titles.

Class session: Different periods of training done during a typical class session.

Student Pledge: Statement of support for your martial art.

Student Tenets: Rules to live your life by.

Student Oath: Statement of dedication to your art.

Student Creed: Guiding principles for your life.

Code of Conduct: Requirements for the conduct of your behavior.

Other guiding principles: Other principles to guide conduct.

Counting: About counting in a martial arts class.

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