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Groin attacks


For males, the groin is a chink in the armor. As such, all males instinctively guard the area. Therefore, a direct front kick to the groin will probably be easily blocked since all it takes is a slight twist of the hips and the kick will strike the leg instead of the groin. For the kicks to work best, your attacker must be caught off guard and surprised; therefore, for a groin kick to work, it is important to make a well-timed attack when the opponent's legs are at least slightly apart and facing forward. Since kicks to the groin are expected, a hand attack may be a better option.

The pain from a powerful groin attack will be incapacitating, allowing you to run away or follow up with a finishing blow. However, the pain from any groin attack is not instantaneous; it takes a few seconds for it to take effect. And, in those few seconds, your attacker will be incredibly angry and could do a lot of damage to you, so be aware of and ready for raging counterattacks.

For females, a kick or other blow to the groin is also painful, However, it is not as incapacitating as it is for males.

Kicks to the groin

Using a front kick

  • Lift your knee so your thigh is in a horizontal position in front of you.
  • Toes and feet should be pointing downward.
  • Snap the lower leg out and almost straight and upward; however, do not lock the knee or it may be injured.
  • Contact the groin with the instep of the foot.
  • Re-chamber the foot quickly and step back down.

Using a back kick

  • Lift your thigh to a horizontal position in front, with foot and toes pointing upward.
  • At the same time, you should be looking over the same side shoulder at your attacker.
  • Aim, thrust your heel into the groin, and quickly place the foot back down to the ground to keep your balance.

Using a knee

  • Snap your knee up into the attacker's groin, hard and fast.
  •  If possible, for support and more power, grab and pull your attacker. Grab with both hands by the upper arms or chest and pull as your knee connects with the groin.

Other groin attacks

Using a grab

  • If your attacker is close enough, grab his groin and squeeze like your life depended on it, which if it didn’t before the grab it probably will if the grab is not successful.
  • For this technique to work, you must get hold of at least one testicle since it is the squeezing of the testicles that cause the pain.

Using a punch

  • Use an ordinary straight punch to the groin; punch as if you were trying to break four boards with the punch.
  • You can drop to one knee as you punch so the trajectory of the punch is more horizontal and to add more power to the punch.

Use a hammer fist

  • Angle your body to one side.
  • Form a hammer fist with the lead hand.
  • Drop the lead arm while swinging the fist downward and then upward into the target.
  • Strike with the bottom of the fist.
  • Swing like you intend to lift the opponent off the ground with the fist.
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