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There are thousands of self-defense techniques being  taught by martial arts instructors around the world. Some  of the techniques are highly effective, some are useless. The following articles discuss some of the principles and concepts of self-defense in general. You can learn individual self-defense techniques  from your chosen instructor. Hopefully, the information presented here will help you discern whether the self-defense techniques you are being taught are effective or not.


About self-defense. It's all about defense.

Options for action. Available actions to take.

What now? You are being attacked, What now?

Methods of self-defense. The three basic methods.

Types of self-defense. The three basic types.

Building fences. Fences keep people away.

Training versus reality. Don't be fooled by demonstrations.

Train realistically. It should be painful; not injurious, just painful.

About self-defense techniques. Tips on defending yourself.

Self-defense phases. Phases of a self-defense situation.

Self-defense against armed attack.  It either works or you die.

Old navy self-defense tactics. Oldies but goodies.

Self-defense tips. Various tips on self-defense.

KISS. Simple is best.

Groin attacks.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dressing for combat. What you  wear could get you killed.

Multiple attackers. It means you have more targets.

Quick read. Size up the opponent quickly.

Damage control. When all else fails, try to minimize the damage.

Unexpected attacks.  Both theirs and yours.

Too quick. To  quick for your own good.

Concealment and cover. They're not the same.

Berserkers. They're still around.

Bad advice.  It can get you injured.

Bad self-defense techniques. They can bet you killed.

Best for self-defense. What is best to use for self-defense?

Will it work? It works great in class, but how about the street.

Dealing with the aftermath. The worst may be yet to come.

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