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Tactics are short-term actions taken to achieve the final goal. Sparring is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. You must prepare yourself physically and learn all the techniques, but when you face the opponent, your mind takes over and the fight is more similar to a chess match. You must analyze the opponent and his or her tactics and formulate your own tactics as the action takes place. Sometimes, just as in chess, you must think many moves ahead and set your opponent up for defeat.


Sparring tactics. What they are and how to use them.

Range. What is it and how to use tactically.

Movement. Movement helps you set up for your tactical techniques.

Controlling the ring. Control the ring like it belongs to you.

Attacking. To win, you must attack.

Combinations. Why stop at just one?

Counterattacking. Wait for them to step into your liar.

Avoiding punches. Make'm miss.

Clinching. Hug'm like you love'm.

Backpedaling. Scoot away.

Acting. If you aren't, act as if you are.

Deceiving. The hand is quicker than the eye.

Drawing. Sucker them into you liar.

Feinting and faking. Using acting, deceiving, and drawing altogether.

Cutting off. Keep'm contained.

Entering the void. Stepping into the unknown.

Bridging the gap. Getting from here to there.

Rushing. Be a fool; rush in where other fear to tread.

Blitzing. Shock and awe.

Leading ducks. Aim where the target will be.

Flinching. Remember a finch is pretty, a flinch is not.

Using your vision. The eyes have it.

Look beyond. See the "big picture."

Speed. Be faster than a speeding bullet.

Centerline. Attack the opponent's centerline while protecting your centerline.

Slaphappy. Slapping yourself senseless.

Red or blue. Does the color of your uniform matter?

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