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Good health should be important to everyone, especially martial artists. To be able to train effectively, you must be in good health. To be a top competitor, you must be in good health. To be a good instructor or school owner, you must be in good health. Good health means you are less susceptible to injury and, when injured, it means shorter recovery time. Good health means a better life.


First aid. All instructors need training.

Self-aid. Treating yourself for minor training injuries.

Body fat index (BMI). You don't want a high score here.

Dehydration. Don't dry up before your time.

Lactic acid. It builds-up as you exercise.

Soreness. Class night: Great workout. Next morning: Oh! That hurts.

Asthma. Short of breath when sparring? This could be the reason.

Steroids. There are no shortcuts to greatness.

Infectious diseases. They're here, and nothing will be the same.

Sparring injuries. If you spar, you will get injured.

Pain. Ouch! That hurt.

Cumulative trauma. Why old fighters seem to be punch drunk.

Knockouts. It can happen to the best.

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