TKDTutor provides martial arts students with information about all aspects of taekwondo and the martial arts in general and helps potential students avoid fraudulent organizations, schools, instructors, and concepts.

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Information about the creator, designer, and author of the site.

ARTICLES about the author


Navy career: About my naval career.

Education: About my education.

Martial arts background: About my martial arts experience.

Hobbies: Some of my hobbies.


TKDTutorisms: Some of my words, wit, and wisdom.

Life mentors

Edmund Scientific: As a child, it helped quench my thirst for knowledge.

Pikes Peak Paget: A college professor who showed me that being different was okay.

Chief Oglesby: A Navy chief who inadvertently changed the direction of my life for the better.

Martial arts mentors

Mr. Merichek: My first martial arts instructor and first judo instructor.

Master Byung Dae Suh: A newly immigrated Korean judo master.

Master Phyllis Harper: The godmother of judo in the United States.

Grand Master Phil Porter: The godfather of judo in the United States.

Tales of Navy life

Patch on a tail rotor: A prank played on the Air Boss.

Catholic mass: My mishearing the 1MC.

Body on the recliner: I wish I had known this earlier.

Saga of James: Sometimes recruiters were desperate to meet their quotas.

Saga of Fred: One is born every minute.


Vehicles: My past and present vehicles.

Motorcycles: My past motorcycles.

Bicycles: My past and present bicycles.

Dogs: My past and present dogs.

Artwork: My past artwork.

Vintage photos: Photos of my early years in the martial arts.

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