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Combat is not just about fighting a war; it is about fighting in general. A country may be in combat against an attacking country, or you may be in combat against an attacker. Some of the principles that pertain to fighting a war are also applicable to fighting against an opponent in the ring or an attacker in the street.

Combat is as much an art as it is a science. Sometimes success in combat relies as much upon "gut feelings" as it does factual information. Not all aspects of combat are physical. Sometimes, the mental aspects are even more important. It doesn’t matter that you have the means to fight if you do not have the will to use those means. 


Disputes.  Combat is usually preceded by a dispute. As the dispute escalates, combat ensues. 

Mental aspects. Fighting is instinctual but warriors must also cultivate a combat mindset.

Physical aspects. Know where to strike to make strikes more effective

Fighting aspects. How to fight.

Personal combat. When it's time to fight.

Sources. Sources used in researching for the combat articles.

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