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You are born, you spend your life trying to better yourself, and you should still be trying to better yourself until your last breath. Studying a martial art is similar to attending college; if you don't do your best and stay until you earn the degree, why even start.


Setting goals
: Be smart in setting goals.

Achieving goals: Ways to achieve your goals.

Picture yourself: Picture yourself as a black belt.

Learn from the best: To be the best, learn from the best.

Being the best: Thoughts and research on being the best.

How to become the best: How to be the best you can be.

When your best isn't enough: What if your best isn't good enough.

Peak performance
: Ways to increase performance.

Achieving success: How to become successful.

Black belt: What it was, what has become, what it should be.

Considering teaching?: Are you considering teaching as part of your martial arts future?

Carried to the extreme: Sometimes a lot is too much.

Competence: Levels of student competence.

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