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The movements in established patterns and the order of the movements and cannot be changed by the performer. However, there are many things in the performance of a pattern that may be modified to give the pattern a new interpretation or to allow the performer to present some self-expression.


Learning process. Levels at which a pattern is performed during the learning process.

Standards. Standards cannot be waived.

Considerations. Things to consider when performing a pattern.

Mental or physical. Is a pattern performance more mental or physical?

Speed changes. Pattern combinations aren't always performed at one speed.

Power of pause. Making the most of pauses in a pattern performance.

Punctuation. Punctuating a pattern to make it more understandable.

Stomping. Stomping is stupid

Tips. Ways to improve pattern performance.

Perfection. Can a pattern performance be perfect?

Judging. How to judge pattern performance.

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