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Without a solid stance, any technique will be weak and practically useless. The martial arts use many different types of stance to create power, flexibility, and movement. Some stances focus more on mobility than stability, and vice versa.



About stances: What they are and why they are so important.

Posture: Good posture adds speed and power to techniques.

Leg tension: Is it a good or bad thing.

Resting positions: Proper ways to rest or wait while in class.


Notes about stance descriptions: Information about the stance descriptions.

Parallel ready stance: Relaxed but ready.

Attention stance: Standing or kneeling while alert and awaiting instructions.

Sitting stance: The basic punching and blocking stance.

Front stance: One of the most used of the stances.

Back stance: Allows quick lead leg kicks.

Fixed stance: A modified back stance.

Cat stance: A stance used a lot in karate.

Reverse black stance: It's just like it sounds.

Crance stance: The stance from the Karate Kid movie.

Fighting stance: Find one that works for you.

Other stances: Some more stances.

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