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Self-defense is not just something that you do; it's not just a physical thing, it involves mental and emotional preparation. With the right attitude, you may be able to avoid needing to defend yourself.


Avoiding trouble. Tips on avoiding trouble.

Threat assessment. Don't worry, be happy.

Professional victims. Some make a living from being victims.

Victim selection. What human predators look for.

Window of opportunity. See them or create them, and then use them.

Self-defense responses. Three ways to respond to a threat.

Manufactured and irrational fear. Don't let others control you.

Trigger behaviors. Things that indicate that anger is building.

Non-verbal information. You don't have to say anything.

Non-verbal indicators. They give you a warning.

Detecting lies. Signs of lying.

Posturing. Acting tough even when not tough.

Non-aggressive behavior. Don't look like a victim, or a bad ass.

Defusing confrontations. Make it clear you don't want trouble.

Verbal self-defense. Some great verbal comebacks.

Socrates on self-defense. An ancient idealist.

Self-defense in the bible. Even Jesus taught it.

Famous self-defense quotations. Quotations from the past.

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