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Some information on martial arts training in general.


About training. Some general information about training.

Why train? Reasons why you should train.

Training research. Some research on training.

Ten physical skills. Ten physical skills needed in martial arts.

Components of fitness. The five components of fitness,

Laws of training. You've gotta have them.

Warnings. Before you start a new training regime.

Morning training. Start your day refreshed.

Evening training. Sleep on it.

Energy usage. Differences between aerobic and resistance exercise energy usage.

Energy conservation. Outlast your opponent.

Train your brain. Train your brain to make you a better fighter.

Mistakes in training. Train, but train correctly.

Training tips. Tips on increasing your fighting fitness.

Trainer tips. Training tips from some elite trainers.

Training secret. The best way to achieve perfection.

Cross-training. Variety prevents boredom and increases fitness.

Burnout. Too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

Strength factors. Factors that affect strength.

Strength and age. Strength fades with age.

Body types. Which one are you?

Performance factors. Factors that influence performance.

HRmax. What happens when you reach your maximum heart rate?

Components of fitness. Things needed to achieve fitness.

Create self-change. Take charge of yourself.

Fine-tuning. Music as a training aid.

Sheep or a wolf? Do you train as a sheep or a wolf?

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