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Now that you have decided to learn a martial art and have joined a school, it's time to get to work and learn.


First class: Tips to get you ready for your first class session. 

Things instructors want you to know: Things instructors would like their students to know. 

Beginner tips: Some tips to make your training more beneficial. 

Fitting in: Finding your place in the class pecking order. 

Servitude: Volunteering whether you want to or not.

Loyalty: Be loyal, but be aware.

Dealing with winning: Don't be a sore winner. 

Dealing with losing: Sportsmanship should be taught at a young age.

Student-instructor relationship: An instructor is like another parent. 

Secrets to being a good student: It's not that difficult if you try. 

How to fail: Being a failure is easy, that's why so many students do it.

Whiners: Nobody likes a whiner. 

Don't fool yourself: Don't think you can defeat an attacker without getting hurt.

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