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Articles about the site's operation, policies, and history.

ARTICLES about the site


General information: General information about the site.

Size. It's big! How big is it?

Navigation: How to navigate the site.

Reason created: Why the site was created.

Things covered: Some things covered by the site.

Sources: Master list of sources used on the site.

Dedication: People to which the site is dedicated.


Disclaimers: Various disclaimers.

Terms of use: Does and don'ts of using the site.

Use of information: How to cite information used from the site.

Policy statement: The overall policy of the site.

Privacy policy: How the site protects your identity.


About the new site. How the new site came about.

Site construction: How the new site was constructed.

History: History of the site since its inception.

Changes: History of site changes.

Website Manager

Blogger Page Manager. A free Google Sheets spreadsheet that makes it easy to manage a Google Blogger website, especially one with hundreds of pages. 

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