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Techniques are the skills or individual movements, actions, behaviors, etc. that compose a martial art and make it similar to or different from other martial arts, such as stances, blocks, punches, kicks, or facial expressions. To be a martial artist, one must be proficient at the basic techniques. To be a black belt, one must be proficient at most of the techniques. To be a master, one must be proficient at all the techniques.


About techniques: About the composition of martial arts techniques.

Concepts: Concepts pertaining to the performance of martial art techniques.

Stances: About martial arts stances.

Movements: About moving the body to perform martial arts techniques.

Power: How it works and how to increase it.

Breathing: We need oxygen to live and to generate energy.

Blocks: About blocks and blocking.

Attacks: Ways of attacking.

Kicks: About kicks and kicking.

Punches: About punches and punching.

Strikes: About strikes and striking.

Thrusts: About thrusts and thrusting.

Chokes and strangles: About chokes and strangles.

Falling: About falls and falling.

Grappling: About grappling.

Releases: How to escape being held by an opponent.

Throws: About throws and throwing.

Sweeps: About sweeps and sweeping.

Holds: About holds and pins.

Gripping: About grips and gripping.

Locks and bars: About locks and bars.

Pressure points. About pressure points and how to use them.

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